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Talking Custom HW100 FT "my new baby"

As some of you may or may not no i have been working on a little project where by i have converted my HW100 into a full FT rifle. I saw this done at the start of the year by "huskysteve" i stumbled on it by mistake whilst trawling the Buy/sell on a couple of forums and found a picture of the most beautiful rifle i have ever seen, A HW100 in an EV2 stock... well after that i knew that what i needed was a HW100 and some time, and at long last i have created my very own custom HW100...

She started life as a FSB but as i wanted to do HFT i knew it needed to be more adjustable, lighter and more able... and so it begun;

As i said the inspiration came from "huskysteve" so with out finding his post and asking his advise it would still just be an idea in my head so thank you Steve

1: The Research

I started to do some digging and research on what people have already done etc and started to create a parts list;
The main thing with this project was finding a EV2 stock, now as this was totally unknown territory for me i knew it had to be a second hand stock and as cheap as i could as lets face it a brand new EV2 stock to cut up straight away would have been silly as there was so much which could and nearly did go wrong, but luckily it didn't take much searching as "coney" got in touch with me and i found exactly what i was looking for at the right price so a thank you is in order there to Alan, you really help get this project underway.

2: The Stock modifying

Next was the hard part taking the Dremel, Bosh multi tool and DeWalt Router to its insides, the main thing at first was getting the main action to fit, so for that i removed the standard cylinder and started sanding away, after many many noisy nights in the garage it was in next came the cylinder... for this i wanted something lighter and with more shots per fill so i went for an A&M Gunsmiths full length cylinder and can i say right there a big thank you to Adrian at A&M his service and quality of product are both amazing! once i had the new cylinder it was trial and error and lots of sanding (i will skip the boring parts as this isn't a how to however if anyone would like advise if they want to try something like this please feel free to PM me and i will shed light as much as i can)

3: The Bling

Once all the major work carving and sanding on my part was done for the mag, hamster, cylinder and action etc it was time to head over to see Mr "UK.Neil" Price who by the way if anyone wants parts making, adjusting or generally just making better this is your man!... I got my self a BSA barrel blank from John Knibbs and then got in touch with Neil I went over and his work is incredible he machined re chocked and installed the barrel to the length that i wanted whilst i was there, which to watch by the way was really cool, next when all that was better than perfect and within tolerances less than a human hair! He moved on to make me his world famous air stripper (also super impressive to watch) this is for greater accuracy and as it is to be a target rifle accuracy was my main objective over noise... ohhh yeah and looks to top it off with the bling he made me a custom side wheel for my Hawke Sidewinder scope.

4: The Final Fitting

Okay so the bling is on and the parts are fitted, and the gun is kinda in? So next i had to make sure EVERYTHING was level, if its to far to the left or right high or low or doesn't sit tight and solid it will never zero.. many nights with sandpaper, spirit levels, Verna and magnifying glasses were spent for this part as its the most important part for accuracy, but once it was all in next came the P38 and lots of it :/ however slowly but surely it was taking shape and was that step crosser to being sent off for paint

5: The finishing

Well not quite :/ sadly not as straight forward as i thought due to the wood always breathing and as i added A LOT of P38 which is solid and doesn't flex with the wood and the paint was a nightmare and took my friend Martin at BBR Accident Repair over a week but once back it looked fantastic and more than worth the wait, finally we are there There were a few hiccups along the way with the finishing but eventually we have a finished project... Picture bellow

I hope you enjoy

Thanks To

U.K Neil
Adrian at A&M
Alan "Coney"
John Knibbs The Country Store
Martin- BBR Accident Repair
And every one else who contributed on the forum

All the best
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