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I guess it is time for another update - and before i get too far everything you read here is Nick's (tokoloshe) fault.

Nick did a remarkable job at stopping me from doing my usual thing and just rushing in. Whilst on holiday I read lots and trawled a lot of forums, looking at options and making lists.

I tagged along with Nick to the South East Airgun Club and have been trying out a number of different rifles - I must admit the members at SEAG are a great bunch, they were all more than happy to lend a complete newbie their rifles and let me go off and try them out. In fact so impressed that I joined the club there and then.

So starting with my original shortlist

AA MPR FT - nice feel and weight, a bit noisy compared to others.

HW100 - tried a KT, and S and a T. Preferred the thumbhole stock but all variants felt surprisingly heavy. The side level action was very nice but the butt pad was uncomfortable.

TX200 Springer - now that's what I remember air rifles being like but not for me any more

Steyr LG110 - very clinical, quiet. I can see why they are popular but not for me at this time.

Daystate Air Ranger mkII - nicely balanced, loved the stock, quiet.

There were a few others I looked at but this is what have I learnt.
  • Springers are not for me at this time.
  • The Steyr2 felt good but too clinical
  • The Weihrauch didn't feel comfortable
  • I want an Air Ranger

After coming to this conclusion and discussing it with my new club mates, it turns out the one I tried was for sale. A discreet chat with Nick and a few hours of thinking about it and I had made a decision.

I collected it a few nights ago and can't wait until Sunday.

Now for lots more practice and in time I hope to try out some proper HFT courses.
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