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Originally Posted by big_phil555 View Post
I am with you on that one

as long as we fling some lead (safely), it matters not a jot how we do it or under what 'discipline' - knob twiddler, mud bather, or bell basher et al


One of the fundamentals of the site

As far as politics go, I think everyone can be enthusiastic to a fault... but the enthusiasm is normally the underlying drive... i am often humbled by just how much work people continue to put in despite the normal human grumbling that gets sent up the chain... something i'm guilty of now and then.

I've just been speaking to Roger at the BFTA, who carries the chair, and in addition to that he's sorting out the booking in for this weekend, then driving down the day before to set up the course etc... at the end of the day there's all the season's scores and placings to sort... and then the BFTA still have to handle the grumbles of the day or the season. No matter if their justified or not, you need a hell of a skin and a set of shoulders to do all this stuff for others.

Apart from my club's shoot (which I only sort once a year) I tend to breeze in and out (apart from the club's politics) so i do have a pang of guilt now and then when i sit there a bit knacker'd and it dawns on me how many hours others must have put in and how knacker'd they must be as well...

So it's hard to seperate passions from something people are so clearly passionate about, so getting stuck in and having a good shoot is goal no.1... no matter what discipline it is... after all that's the whole point.

So stop polishing !
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