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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
Have you tried filling the gun and then shooting a full charge through it?

I have tried it in the past - do 5 shot groups on paper and then see if you can see any shift over the charge.

If you do see a shift you can count back the groups and see how many pellets you had shot before the shift happened.

Hi Dave
Yes, I plan to when I can get a low wind day. I have checked with a chrono over a long string and that was fine but yes, I will do groups and add in a chrono test along the way. Elevation holds so I don't think it is a regulator, etc sadly a horizontal line at 55 won't help with a possible windage shift :-) Why do windless days never come along on a weekend? If I could ever afford to retire I know what I will be doing on such days haha

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