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Default Walther, windage wander?

Walther LG300 Alutec + Nikko Mk3 + Exacts (8.44). It could be just me but I thought I would ask here. Over the course of a shoot (e.g. GPs) the windage setting seems to "move" and needs 4 to 6 clicks to bring it back.
Example, at GP8 zero was fine before the start, cylinder filled to about 170, bit of a breeze first thing but all consistent. In the woods all was fine for the lanes 16 thru 25 and errors were down to me. Crossed over and started to get very confused - any wind was from right / slightly behind so holding inside right hand edge should have been plenty but I started missing but couldn't see where ( targets were pretty messed up by then on left and right edges) so started giving it more 'wind' but eventually I saw the pellet strike right of where I was aiming i.e. wind was minimal but found a clear space to see the impact. OK from then on - assumed zero was off and moved more towards the left edge, etc. Anyway, after the finish and a bite to eat I went back on the zero range and after the rain stopped there was a fair bit of time with no real breeze at all. I made a 6 click adjustment to windage, elevation was still spot on and was able to group at 55, 50, etc using single pellet strikes on the targets (i.e. find one in-between the targets and use that as my aim point and group on - not pellet on pellet!). So by then there were just two changes - my windage adjustment and the cylinder pressure was down quite a lot (110?). It would have been useful to have a chrono reading for every shot that morning :-)

So any suggestions? Could the cylinder pressure change make such a small offset? I tried gentle tapping of the scope, barrel, etc not a hint of a shift. Any tests I could make? I checked on my local range (but it was windy) and no obvious cross-over i.e. fairly consistent between 55 and 8 but I would need an indoor 50m range to be sure - is there one reasonably close to an hour's drive from Oxford?

Really feeling good about the Walther combination but this windage offset is bugging me (had similar issues at Tawd and gave it a few clicks mid-course). Much easier when it is windy but I hate these gentle breezes when it should be 'down the throat' but doesn't!

I love FT - all these tweaks and adjustments :-) Anyone have a wood stock for a LG300 they want to sell?

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