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Originally Posted by tonytimekeeper View Post
Hello AndyIOW

I was extremely impressed with what you have told me is perhaps almost identical with what I've been experiencing. I shall be purchasing new mounts AT61 via e-bay as soon as possible, but, what about the risers ? What is the code and make of the risers you bought and where from so that I hope to have a perfect set up like you already have and without any more tirade of problems whenever I zoom up to 50 with perfect ease.

As a gentleman, I'd like to praise to other fellows who tried to help me with their opinions and tips. It's very much appreciated, especially when I am a NEWBIE FT shooter with no-one interested in FT to help and or support on the Isle of Man.

With thanks, Tony
Advice get quality mounts.....Barry taylor ones sports match etc. Bridge rail from AJP (anthony johnson), jon harris or if you fancy an adjustable one barry taylor.
Been down the cheap mounts route = problems with crossover, scope canting off center line etc.
Buy it once buy quality.
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