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Default Problems with nikko sterling diamond sportsman 10x50x60 scope

Dear Dedicated FT Shooters,

I seriously need your help and as well as getting serious advice which it has been bothering me.

Every-single time, I look into my Nikko Sterling Diamond Sportsman 10x50x60, and depending on the weather, if it is NO WIND, using my beloved Daystate Panther with JSB Exacts 4.52, I can fire pellet-on-pellet easily on average starting as from between 10mm to less than 25mm at the most when aiming 50 meters (55 yards) and or 40 meters (35 yards), USING ONLY UP TO 15 TO 20 MAGNIFICATION ZOOM SETTINGS. I cannot magnify any further than 15 to 20,25,30,40,50 hardly-at-all. Why is this ? It's baffling me day and night all the time. (See below).

You might say this is an extremely impressive shooting, but, seriously speaking, the trouble is that I cannot zoom my above Nikko Sterling Diamond 10x50x60 scope to the maximum zoom of up to 50, and or even 40, and or even 30, and / or 25, or even up to 20 magnification settings hardly-at-all. With honesty, I can only zoom the magnification settings up to 15 being the most consistent and comfortable magnification set up as possible. Because if I try to zoom anything over as from 20 upwards ...... I experience many issues such as the magnification becomes far too much of a huge strain to my eye where it painfully hurts my eye. Sometimes it blurs. Sometimes the picture is hazy and completely 'out-of-focus' where I am forced to keep trying to move and tilt my head all the time.... trying, trying, trying to get a good 'close up' picture, but to no avail. It becomes almost impossible. It is very, very frustrating. No matter how many hours of dedicated practice when shooting targets as from 30 meters to 50 meters, still the magnification set up is always up to 15 set up, and never beyond to 20, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 hardly-at-all ? Why is this ? Explain.

The only viable solution is that I am always forced to zoom down the magnification settings to no more than 15 because it brings the most comfortable picture I can possibly receive before pulling the trigger whenever I aim at my targets as from 20 meters yards to 50 meters. WHY, WHY, WHY IS THIS ? WHY IS OTHER FT SHOOTERS ALWAYS ZOOMING their MAGNIFICATION SETTINGS from THEIR NIKKO STERLING DIAMOND SPORTSMAN 10X50X60 UP TO 30 TO 50 VERY QUICKLY AND WITH COMPARATIVE EASE WHENEVER THEY ARE SHOOTING targets as from 20 to 50 meters.... all without any struggles, difficulties, and or problems ? This query baffles me constantly, day and night.


Do you think I should take my FAULTY brand new Nikko Scope Diamond Sportsman 10x50x60 back to Highland Sports for a new replacement ?

It is in my sincerest hope that you will very kindly offer your expertise, opinions, and tips on how I may be able to solve the above dilemmas to an end. Many kind thanks for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
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