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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Gp8 East Devon 2012

I have started to put little marks o my card showing the location of the misses and then take a quick snap at the end before handing the card in.

I will say that in doing this I at least can review the car when I get home.

I dropped a total of 10 in the afternoon session and I know where I need to practice.
Dropped all the long kneelers (was getting twinges in the knee)
Missed 2 for giving not enough windage, 3 for giving too much, 1 for pulling trigger when not in the right place and 1 that went low by about 1/2" (target 28). All standers hit, technique still needs to be improved the swing past and pull trigger is not the best on the long ones.

The low one is my only worry as I made the distance the same as my shooting partner (Mark A. Fisher). But happy with the result. Maybe losong the weight and exercise is working .
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