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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
yep, thaught his was the best course at Ed over the last three years i have shot it.

the clearing in the woods i think adds just that bit that was needed to make a few lanes more challenging for those of us that like shooting in open wind, sort of.

I know there were problems with the banks for a few and the club i am sure will learn and in future targets will be just a little higher up the trees thus there wont be a problem with the banks. Though i still say the 15 ml we too high and in wind they would have been lottery. Luckily i started on the 23 yard high tree shot and it was still then.
I thaught the angle lanes were good though again i am not a huge fan of having to swing 90 degree in a lane or like my shorting pertner andrash, having to move twice in a lane, once for each target.
It just slows the shooting up. Much rather have two targets in the general direction your pointing and have angles from lane to lane. Still, the shoot was failry speeedy with the nearly full am session coming off by 11.50am.

probably still not fast enough for Holly lol!

Thanks to all that put the shoot on and nice to know the club gets the dosh for all the hard work.
Good to see some of the Swefta boys there having a go.
Cheers To Andrash (he says i have to say it like that) and we will continue battle later this wekk in Norway.

Well done to calps on the win, just dont plan on beating me in the worlds lol

Ps, i did not mention Fisher taking the standing shot sitting.
After i sat down and shot the standers, i asked a marshall where the bin was to dump a drinks bottle, he said its there, your stood next to it... i might start wearing my glasses at shoots in the future
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