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Default some pics

As ever, just to remind and amuse

The Swefta locals were out having a bash whichwas nice to see

With a Nash of the Teeth, Tony works out that AA in swefta does not always = AA in Bfta

Tony Dumped his usuall pre-shoot sex partner (mickeyed) and braught the wife,
here he is flatteneing the Standers,
while standing
- Note to Marc Fisher

what you mean you can hit more with an Ev2?

our Morfe took on his First Gp and came out happy.

meanwhile Chopping and Phil James came out Deaf

Now as we discused today Rob, Tuesday we get to norway so no out.

wednesday is Student day in the Disco so we out that night, try and find someone half our age.
that should not be hard?

Thursday is meet and greet night so we out that night.

Friday is shoot, so we out celebrating or drowning in the disco that night.

Saturday is saturday so we out no matter what.

Sunday is party night so we out that night.

Monday is Clinic day so we may be pushed for time?

What, no, what goes on tour stays on tour

I, tosh or Jason wont mention anything to H or put any pics on here

Party on dude

Captain of the New Ft Team " Team Saga" - Gordan Eley

Big letters as they eyes are not what they used to be!

Tony was so chuffed and flattening the pair of standers, he started to tell us about the celebration sexuall antics he had planned.

I dont think Mrs. Waistnage had the same idea?

Kilty adds up all the numbers on the card and finds it will come to the same as its going to cost him to take Craig Mc.Scot to Norway on Tuesday

No wind means I`ll be there

thank you lord for saving me from temptation.
One swipe of the foot and i was prepared to lie through my teeth (i did not have any tonday) and say Mrs. h kicked it away

one of the nicest blokes on the Ft shoots.

and one of the wrinkliest

One of the nicest blokes on the Ft shoots, and one of the best Harpo marks haircut impersonators

Poor old Max. team Berty had a bad day and I think Max got the blame as he took him back to the car when he was 7 Down. should not let the dog shoot then i say.

dont mention the banks, I nearly mentioned it, but I think i got away with it

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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