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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Gp8 East Devon 2012

enjoyed the mix of hold your aim inside edge for probably 30 + shots and then the mix of out one side or the other at gp8 east Devon today.
The open sections make it a much better course for me as other wise it would have been another dont come out of kill shoot.

Opened the travelling tool bag this morning just after am session had started to find die 36 tin had half spilled, so gathered the rest up and went on the zero range. Made a couple of clicks R on windage at 25 yards and all seemed fine. did not bother with die 5 so die 36 are on the way to the worlds.

Shot well enough, missed a long 50#+ yarder (one of many on the course ) that really was unreadbale. Gave inside 3 edge as all the others and it flew across.
Missed the 45 yard one up the "tree / swing arm thng, this time was out half inch and it needed 3/4!
Rock steady on the 45y stander (lane 15) and had a great shot, only to see the pellet strike about 1/4 inch above 12!

gutted. Must have been duff pellet?

Still, at least i took my standers Standing to miss them and i have not mentioned that Fisher took his sitting!

or i PUMPED him by 2. Anything more than one is a Pumping apparently. that make is 4 - 1 in my book but we take it to Gp9 to finalise on points / final season position lol
the good news is we wont be far from each other. the bad news ( for them) is someone else (that tony cook dont like lol) will be with us lol

I`ve seen the light I've seen the light Stand up stand up for jesus

sit down for fisher. there is a lord lol
YEAH u pumped me today, its actually 4-2 and 2 draws, but its points not wins that count
struggled on the high kneelers like i always have, as for the standers sitting down and not seeing the big sign saying "STAND" all i can say is **** happens, 40x40 off the bag 4x6 kneelers an 1x4 standers......wheres this sitting class id win that,
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