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Mac-1 USFT(assembled by the inventor and myself), Daystate Mk.3(fancy walnut), Walther LGR, Titan Mowhawk Target(in walnut thumbhole stock), Beeman R-9 (.20) Lazaglide tune, Rws-34(22), Rws-34(177), AA SE-90,Fwb-124,Hammerli 400, Haenel 310, Beeman R-7, Beeman C-1, Haenel DRP-3, BSA Airsporter S, Webley Raider in fancy walnut, pre-war Diana-27, 2 Sheridans (1blue,1silver streak), Sheridan CO2, Sheridan pumper pistol, Rws 6-G, crosman 2240 converted to 9mm, HW-70, S&W 78-g, and about 20 other assorted air guns in "Project" phase. I own about a dozen Smith&Wesson handguns and about 20 Rifles and shotguns but to list them would likely rub salt into an old wound for my brothers in the UK. But to counter the Glock-17, My pillow gun is a H&K P-7 W/MMC adj. night sights. Don't get me wrong, I think the Glock is a great pistol. And there is no need to be embarrassed about owning Tupperware that shoots!
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