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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
I don't know why people just can't be honest !

All these people that put pellet on pellet ? ................ Really ? .................. My arse they do !

If they were that mega they would be pumping everyone up the gripper.

I have a 87% AA grade & will be honest and say i can group reasonably consistantly inside of a 20p size group , some times tighter some times not, as long as i judge the wind , shot / release correctly & it hits that kill then that does me !

I just like to try & knock loads of tin chickens over , not get a hard on shooting at paper !

Gilly is still my Hero !

I talk bollocks , who cares.
Ok, honesty, i'l give that a go..
I'm shite, but every now and then i'm lucky too...
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