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Originally Posted by rickysdaystate View Post
What sort of grouping would you expect to get at 55yards a average day?
Just asking as i will soon have a FT kit set up and didnt no what the average expectations are
I 'try' and get within a 25mm circle at 55yds. Taken a while but I can do it but just not all the time. Our ground can have some very weird wind and even using a bean bag you do get vibrations from people walking 10-15yds away due to the high water table.

The best group I did last weekend was a 5 shots within a 5p at 50yds off a bench bean bag and before anyone else was at the club so no ground vibrations to deal with.

I think that provided, in the ideal conditions, your pellets land within a 25mm group at 55yds then you should be happy. Some rifles and barrels can and do give tighter groups but the shooters technique probably has more effect on the end result.
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