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Default Setting up the course questions.

Hi all,

I'm preparing to set up a UKAHFT course here on our FT range. I"m in the US so there are a few hoops I'll be jumping through.

Our FT participants are few compared to the numbers of shooters in the UK. Last match we had 8 shooters (down from our normal of 10). Out of these, we have two dedicated WFTF (standard UK FT), several US Hunter shooters (20 fpe and 12x range finding) and yours truly trying UKAHFT for the first time.

What I'm envisioning is a course within a course. We currently have targets from 10-55 yards. I'm not one to set up with the ultra small KZ's that are common on US courses, preferring to use distance for difficulty.

We have shooting pads.

My initial plan is to paintn between 15 and 20 face plates the white or yellow of UKAHFT on targets that are already being used on the course. Then in order to get 30 distinct opportunities, I would set up some targets with two pegs. These could vary somewhat in distance but more than likely they will vary in position.

For instance, one of the forced supported standing or kneeling shots can be of a 1.5" target no farther in distance 35 yards (1.5" is the largest target we have), and this target could also serve as an unsupported shot. So that would account for 4 shots.

The remaining set of (2) supported shots could be covered in each side of a tree, engaging the same target. So that's 3 targets making 6 shots.

If I use 15 targets, then the remaining 12 will have to be double shot as well but I have enough variation on the course to allow for a target to be attempted in the prone at one peg but the other peg allows for only a kneeling.

For every lane that won't allow me to double up effectively, I'll have to add a lane. I think I can do it well with 20 targets. I will number the pegs or supports and make it known to the shooters that the target they are to engage is the yellow/white target. They can shoot at others if they like but only after making the attempt at the white/yellow target for score. The standard FT shooters will be shooting on these too but under the rules of their classification.

My two questions are:

1) Could someone explain the "off the peg" shots? I know it has to do with partially blocked kill zones but I'm not getting the logic behind the freedom of movement.

2) Also, as long as the mini-kills adhere to the appropriate distances, can they be shot from either the kneeling or prone and can they be either supported or unsupported (assuming that the forced supported mandate has been satisfied)?

I hope this made sense. I love to set up courses. I think I like it better than shooting.


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