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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
spent a few hours at tondu pellet testing and then cooking myself with the new fangled side wheel chart.

Pellet test as expected showed hardly anything between d36 and Gillys d5 in the REV.

As such, decided its D5 for sunday and then the worlds.
will also have a spare ti of d36 and the sizers with me though lol

Bob up and down turned u with d36 too, except these were 2012 batch not my 2011.
They were good, but not as good as 2011 d36!

Got in a bit of a muddle with the Side wheel marking then as i may have mixed up setting for sub 20m.

So, as it was a nice over cast evening and no wind i re-did the side wheel markings. Nearly cooked myself by the end of it but hopefully it will all fall into place sunday?

As i have the Bfta chrono that will be in use Sunday decided to chrono check. Gun seems to be running high on some Bfta chrono / shoots but have now come to the conclusion the bfta chrono reads high?
It was showing 795 on Bfta and 782 on our club chrono. I have compared the club chrono with one of the bfta chrono and there was only a couple of feet between them then, so presume it was the other bfta chrono?

As such, turned the REV down to 788 on Bfta, but i would not be surprised if some had yellow cards or worse sunday?
Well on my chrono both my ev2s run between 778-782, and i wont be changing them, it would be nice to see a bfta chrono that actually works properly for once, although i wont hold my breath, Its not happened yet in the 9 years ive shot bfta events, It might be time for a new chrono, we could all chip in and buy them one.
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