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Originally Posted by Rip-D View Post
Hi Pete,
Yes that's good advice for sure, I can afford to set myself up right just the once so would prefer to get it as right as I can first time . I would very much appreciate being able to get a good look at both the Ripley and the EV2, they seem to be on my mind the most. Trouble is I'm a Leftie when shooting and that always makes it a little hard to test stuff out very well. More than anything I think your experiences will really help me out.

Hope to see you Sunday if I get the go ahead to come along.


If at some point u decide to purchase an ev2, watch out for a very small grumpy looking bloke
called gilly, he collects ev2 barrells in the hope one day he will find one that is better than mine
ps castle is the best club in the midlands.....
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