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Originally Posted by miller View Post
Just a word of advice mate don`t spend owt til you`ve been up to castle and had a look at some kit.most folks more than happy to let you have a try before you buy anything.Got a Ripley and a Ev2 you can have a look at.
cheers Pete.
Hi Pete,
Yes that's good advice for sure, I can afford to set myself up right just the once so would prefer to get it as right as I can first time . I would very much appreciate being able to get a good look at both the Ripley and the EV2, they seem to be on my mind the most. Trouble is I'm a Leftie when shooting and that always makes it a little hard to test stuff out very well. More than anything I think your experiences will really help me out.

Hope to see you Sunday if I get the go ahead to come along.


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