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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Possibly. The problem is the amount of lanes, the space getting them in and room for guns on the line etc.

Another solution, drop the time to 1:30. We suggested this to the WFTF but were overruled (dropping it by 30 secs_. I'm keen not to spend 6 hours on a worlds course again, following a group of shooters who spent 12 minutes from start to finish to shoot 2 targets each. The problem wasn't so much on the clock, almost that one of them liked a full debrief in the lane when they had finished...
On one day I finished a full hour before Helen did, and they were being held up. I'd hate to think what would have happened if Conor and Simon were an hour apart and that deluge on Day 3 hit only one of them.

There isn't a perfect solution to timing. If you do it like the worlds, in my opinion it's too long (certainly not workable for GP's...), and if you make courses harder, then all you have to do is wait for the wind before putting eye to scope. The worlds timing stops me doing that but i never went over 2 mins even like that in italy even using a springer. So for me, drop the time in the lane as a start.

With 40 shot courses, you can only get 60 on a session, and we'd need 3 sessions to keep up with GP numbers. The NEFTA only manages 3 sessions with 2 shooters per lane, so that's 120... which kind of proves to me that it's not possible to get 3 per lane on a 40 shot with 3 sessions.

Perhaps there's merit in what Andras says... if the space issue isn't an issue...
You do need a packed lunch to do a worlds course its a full days outing.
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