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Originally Posted by skires View Post

I don't get to shoot as much as I'd like these days but I was quite active when UKAHFT started up some 10 years ago so here's my history lesson ...

10 years ago a bunch of guys who were airgun enthusiasts wanted a target sport that involved shooting at knock down targets but they wanted it to be different to FT. There's evidence on Youtube that it started well before that but I'm talking about the UKAHFT movement as we know it.
I believe that Rob Verrier sort of kicked off the HFT idea in the mid 90's and it was on one of the Airguns in Action videos. The CSFTA region did hold a few of these over the Winter leagues between 1997-1999 (the year I stopped doing any for of airgun shooting). Those were fun to do having things such as long targets (over 55yds) and opposite handed lanes. But the principles were the same as the UKAHFT rules are now.

Originally Posted by skires View Post
There hasn't been a split. In the early days there was plenty of bickering with shooters from both sides criticising the other. Lots of effort has gone on to convince everyone that we are all just air rifle shooters and thankfully most of the bickering has now stopped. There certainly hasn't been an exodus from FT to HFT as again has been stated above. HFT brought a whole lot of new shooters into target shooting and didn't poach the masses from FT.
Probably the same as some other mainstream sports Darts and rugby have two 'groups' for example. I am probably one of the many on here who just enjoy shooting airguns in what ever form. I prefer FT but have done some of the Rob Verrier HFT shoots in the 90's, enters the World FT events when in the UK, done some of the UKAHFT events at places such as Quarry and Plymouth. Did a Southern Hunter at Bisley earlier this year (shot 46/60 with a MK2 Rapid and 3-9 scope). Also tried 10m air rifle and pistol as well.

I suppose it just goes to show I will try anything, but my preference is FT. I am just Mr Average in that but I try. My/our clubs biggest problem really is getting to events even 'local' ones. Living on an Island means we have an hour to our journey before even heading towards an event.

Read the thread on the other forum and agree with the comments it does seem as though LD is one of those that 'bickers' a lot with out trying it.
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