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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
How much now for a Possum 50 cents was all i got as kid for a green pelt.
Cheers Don
Green pelts are not usually traded now. The hand plucked fur has to be a certain length, but nets the best price at around $100 a kilo. (12-20 animals depending on season, Winter being the best) There about 80 Million approx Possums now and a major pest problem. This is used to make a yarn with Merino wool. The yarn is use to make clothing and garments, and fetches a premium price in Asian markets.

Possum fur is the only animal fur approved on the planet for harvest by the World Wildlife Fund, and the UN.

Currently it is the only thing keeping the wool industry alive in NZ!

Having been made redundant/laid off twice in the last 12 Months, this is what I will be doing full time after returning from South Africa. Shooting and trapping around the Whanganui Nat Park borders.


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