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Default An introduction...

Hello from me, I've always had an interest in airguns from being a youngun (like most i bet). Over the years I've had various, done most of what you can do with them at different times. I tried desperately to get into Field Target years ago but life just kept throwing me curve balls like it does, so never really got to enjoy it.
My last effort was back around 2004/2005 I got myself an EV2 and just got set up before I ended going to Australia for a year, got back broke, had to sell up. I bet I got a week of shooting before it went!
I still have a Titan MPT in the cupboard, lovely little hunting gun, I must get it serviced.

So, I'm looking to get kitted up again, life has finished messing me around so I'm looking forward to actually getting stuck in. I'm in Nottingham, I'll be making arrangements to visit a local club and get some advice and some experience. I remember visiting Anston many years back and meeting some nice guys, one old fella who name escapes me, who sadly isn't with us anymore. He invited me to his house, help me set up my gun, showed me his collection, I wanted to go spend a fortune right there and then. I think I ended up in Poland for a while right after that so that went pear shaped, unlucky.

I always wanted a Ripley back then, although i did buy an EV2 some years later, and I understand the latest version is very good. I still feel the urge to order a Ripley, what do you think, are they out classed by the new models these days?

Anyway, I'll try to avoid babbling on too much, hope to meet you out and about once I get sorted. Until then I'll keep myself informed and amused here on the forum.


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