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Originally Posted by thesmokindog View Post
I find it very hard to believe sometimes just how far some of you can shove you're head up you're own arses. the original question was how to speed GP's up, and straight away we got into making things easier, harder and slagging each other off. We even had reference at one point that GP's where for the top shooters only..., complete and utter bollox. If some of you where to spend more time pushing our chosen sport forward by encouraging newer shooters to attend a GP rather than trying to justify spending all that money on your kit and still not getting into the top 10 then the sport would benefit.
The top 10 will always be the top 10 and each year someone will break into the top and someone will fall out of it regardless of how easy or hard a course is.I've only ever shot a few GP's and from what I've seen the GP's are fine as they are so leave them alone. the fact that someone will travel ridicules mile to attend should tell you that you are sitting on a format that works. However, please stop this elitist crap, at the end of the day we are only trying to knock down a few tin chickens...

Based on your posts my answer to the original question is simple - GP's should be for AA shooters only,

screw the rest they're not good enough, they slow things down, they don't have the ability so they're not welcome

from a shooter with a good gun, good scope but very little ability who should try to shoot at a standard no higher than club or winter league - apparently
If you read my posts carefully you will see my comment was the GP's are to find the top shooters in AA, A, B and C and not elitist at all. (And by the way, ALL competition is there to find the top people!!)

I did not propose harder GP's to boost my scores, in fact if you read my posts carefully you will see I acknowledge my scores (and everyone elses) would fall.

And as for encouraging newcomers to the sport (which I believe is VITAL) I gave up my entire weekend to help Shebbear shooters with their "Have a go at F.T" stand at the Werrington countrymans show which was very successful.
The entire reason for my "Make GP's harder" stance was to counter Holly's idea of making them easier.
And as stated already, I realise that no-one else sees a problem with bunching at the top of AA and therefore no-one else wants the GP's to be harder. So as already stated, I'm dropping that idea.


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