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I've now read the US thread fully....

LD seems to be very confused or misinformed & Iím not sure where he gets the idea that UKAHFT has in any way decimated the FT ranks. FT & UKAHFT are both very popular airgun sports here in the UK & both have good solid attendances in their respective national series of competitions.

Iím not sure how there was any intent to decimate FT either as the vast majority of UKAHFT shooters initially came from a hunting rather than an FT background & as I said in my initial post the number of shooters moving between both sports is tiny, in fact Iíd say that slightly more shooters have moved into FT from UKAHFT than the other way round as I canít really think of any shooters who have switched from FT to HFT, the names that spring to mind like Chris Cundey, Dave Ramshead, Tim Finley & myself have previously or currently shot both sports.

Iím not sure how Paulís idea can in anyway harm US FT, surely itís the best way to get people involved with airgun shooting by allowing them to shoot with a basic setup, these shooters will then get to see first hand what USFT is about & Iím sure some will start shooting FT who previously wouldnít have even tried, you'll also end up with more shooters attending your clubs & matches.....I can only see a win win situation here.
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