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I did read through the link and found that a lot of the comments were uneductated.....i don't mean stupid..just that people (mainly LD) had got so many facts wrong. That's the problem with Forums sometimes. I almost burst out laughing when someone commented that HIS organised shoots weren't even along the FT rules anyway. It's people like him that give the sport a bad name and in (IMHO) the US did a lot of damage to FT when they hosted the worlds a few years back. The guy that won it will never be a FT world champ in the eyes of many FT shooters as making rules up to suit the hosting country's shooters is a joke. I mean, imagine entering the Olympics 100m sprint and then using a Ducati to win. many US shooters have shot the worlds since?..pleae don't take any offence to this as it's just my view.

There is a tiny migration between HFT and FT...both ways. I started in FT and still have AA grade but moved into HFT as i enjoyed that particular type of shooting more. There have been some shooters that came into HFT as it is an easier route into competition shooting than FT, and then moved over to FT, so i think that both sports have balanced and benefitted each other. You just have to look at the numbers both HFT and FT shoots around the UK to see that both are by no means diminished by the other.

In the UK we do have a tiny minority (and i do mean tiny) in both HFT and FT that despise the other side. In my region (North east field target assosciation NEFTA) we have a good bunch with only one or two bad apples. NEFTA hosts a FT winter league that is FT but add a class called SFT (sporting field target) where someone with a HFT style set up can come along and shoot the comp. Last year we had 18 shooters in SFT class and 6 in recoiling. In the summer my region holds a HFT series of 6 shoots and have a FT kneeling and standing class so that the FT crew can come along and put in a score, this year we have 40 shooting in that class with 15 shooting recoiling.

You know what?...i would love to come over to your neck of the woods and shoot a comp, doesn't matter whose rules it's to as long as we keep ALL airgun disciplines together
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