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Originally Posted by T2Stu View Post
Make the course harder and you will still have the same 10 shooters at the top,

This maybe true, but the main point the person made at the start of this thread was to make the GP'S quicker to shoot and that four hours to complete a session is unacceptable.
In an attempt to reduce the time taken to complete a course,reducing it to only forty will in my opinion make it not worth the effort of attending,spending all that money on petrol,digs ect.
Having it at fifty makes it more worth while,maybe the start of this thread should of said"How can we make GP'S easier".
Last week I attended the shires 100 where you shot fifty in the morning and fifty in the afternoon,it was fantastic.Everything ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves.If a club can put together a shoot of this magnitude then I can't see why a GP cannot be ran the same way.
As Rob says,this wouldn't be a training ground for future budding world champions.
If people can't hack a fifty target GP course,then they should be asking themselves am I ready to compete at this level,after all isn't that why we have the winter leagues for those that don't want to feel intimidated at having a stop watch put on them,or spending alot of money to compete.
I agree with Dave Robinson's comment and would love to see them increased to 100.I know this would never happen,yet if it did it wouldn't be long before some ****** started moaning it's too long,iv'e got legs ache.
Leave the GP'S alone!
Let your shooting do the talking.
It's not the aim and release that decided the shot, it's the preparations.
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