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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Going to stick my neck out here (sorry guys!) but does this lending itself tothe idea of developing an objective scientific way of measuring the diffuculty of a course (a bit like a modified troyer system), not just to evalute courses but also so that courses can be built to a specific standard to suit the competition?
You have lost me.

My view is a 40 shot regional course should see scores roughly around

Aa = 35 - 40
A - 30- 35
B - 25 - 30
C 20 - 25

I build me courses to achieve this given the predicted weather conditions
The idea is at the more relaxed regional comps, everyone does well and enjoys?

Gp should be harder thaough and they are, the main reason for me is the 50 shots. I think our gp proved you dont need loads of long standers and sitters to make it a testing shoot, just a bit of wind. nor do we need mini kills when there is strong wind.

We travel to Mfta winter shoots cause we like the 30 shots, less chance to miss!
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