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A few years ago I might have said 40 shots was plenty BUT I have come around to the current set up and feel it works well, although I would like to see the restrictions lifted a bit on the positional shots allowing the course builders more freedom assuming they have some common sense.

Concentration is the key to a good score on the 50 shot courses, 40 shot courses would lead to a much closer competition than we have now and it is close enough as it is. Imagine going to the World Championships and shooting 150 targets after a season of 40 shot courses, we wouldn't stand a chance.

The point about travelling for only 40 shots is also a good point, when we shot smaller courses there were side events galore to shoot, I don't think that would happen again so we might as well continue with 50.

The GP rounds this year have on the whole been good courses with plenty of interest and the shoots themselves well organised. Timing on the lanes also isn't a problem, maybe we should have a time limit for how long you have to chat inbetween lanes?

Looking forward to the next GP

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