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Default poor quality Die 40

Poor quality, but not poor in accuracy.

I dont usually shoot well at my own courses, leat in regional comps. however, decided I would actually try at tondu yesterday as I needed to test the new range markings out on no 27 leups side wheel, having changed from meters - clicks so i can ditch the crib sheet.

Lane one was 2 x 15 ml, T1 was i think about 8-9y? Thing is the only set of ranges I apparently have not done is below 11m!
Scope ring did have a dot on it to give me a bt of a clue that it was about 8m but from there on in the brain took over and aimed at 10m, striking below 6 oclock.
Least my shooting partner Berty "lie in" Bassett found it funny, no dought thinking he was going to give me a whooping on my own course lol

I thaught when we put the course out Friday it was a bit hard, not too many over 50y but when we went through the still air / inside kill had given way to a light breeze, but even that dropped at times.
In the end i think it was good regional course as all hit over 15 targets (just) and there were on the whole high scores.

Berty missed target 3. Think it weas about 49 yards, shooting down from our top bank the target was on a tall stand that was just over our access road by the bottom pond. Really nice looking targret even if I do say myself. It definatley looked longer than it was. I think Berty cam out on it and it either went straight or went right across.
I came out about half inch and watched the pellet sail in.
I missed T19, 38y full that only needed edge of kill. However, i thaught when i put the pellet in the skirt was damaged but told myself its not that far it will be ok. Gave inside edge and it landed up past 11 so definatly a duff pellet. The other target in the lane was around 42 and i went inside edge on thatt no probalems in the same wind, well light breeze.

Has to be said wind was light yesterday, about the same as the Gp Am session.

Missed t22 then my only range finding it once, made it 51y when it was 47 and struck 1 edge. Re-parrallaxed it and both times it came in as 42.5m. That will teach me to try and keep up with speedy basset, who had also missed it by coming ut and it going straight.
So by T22 we were both 3 down. Mike Williams having shot first doing a Kevin and not having any wind, apart from the wind that blew his pellet clean over the top of the plate on T13, 22y stander lol

T23 took us onto the Gp course, though this time we were shooting L - R and thus going up the banks.

Berty missed t38 on the Tump, think the wind changed to L - r and he was wrong edge, colourfull language followed es[ecially when he missed the other 2 to finish 6 down.
I cleared the rest including the long ones up the banlks in the wind.

So, all in all good practise session with a few things learned / to do before Sundays practise session at east devon

1 - Range markings for 24 ft - 10 m
2 - Find a way of stopping bisley scope enhancer moving (insulatation tape?)
3 - sort and check a batch of die 5.

Forgot to priase the Ball trigger. Comig up the banks whick to me was hard work, the word Up being a factor, the weather had got quite warm. Enough so that a smear of persperation lined my triger finger in one of the later lanes. As i took the shot i felt my finger slip on the ball but i lost no control over the shot. Super trigger these.
Even Berty was i think impressed when he tried it as was Arms dealer.
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