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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
GP's are for ALL grades, not just AA, that is why good GP scores lead to qualification for the showdown which is for the top shooters.
Personally I feel the quality of the courses so far have been good apart from a number of small issues (which I am not going to go into right now) and by and large we have got them about right (which is illustrated by how many clearances happen). Make courses too difficult and you will end up with shoots of maybe 20-30odd AA shooters instead of the 160 shooters of ALL grades that come to ENJOY these events.
When I said GP's are for the top shots, I mean to find the top shots. The top shots in AA, A, B and C.
So I agree GP's are for all grades and I agree that this years GP's (the ones I have shot) have been good, I can't knock any of them at all. In fact a couple have been excellent! But no-one setting out a GP course wants it cleared.

The problem I see is AA is by far the largest grade and with one point between ten competitors at the top, I just think the simplest way to spread them out is a harder course. Not stupidly harder, just hard enough to do the job. And definitely not 40 targets instead of 50.


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