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Originally Posted by holly View Post
The Gps seem to be getting slower . emley was nearly four hours shooting i made it . great course and great shooting . but is this to long . could we go back to the old system of 40 targets ? one of the things against it would be the feed on system and the problem of getting shooters to marshal . this might work . if we had three groups of 60 . first group on a 9 , finish at 11 .30 . paint targets , next group on at 12.00 . finnish at 2 .30 . paint targets .last group on at 3.00 . finnish at 5.30 . 180 shooters and nobody gets as tired or as wet or as hot . worth a thought . not perfect but an idea ??? HOLLY
PS not knocking emley here just using it as an example .
Looks like a sound idea.....
Try moving kneelers out to 50 yards....
I don't think dropping to 40 targets would dilute a gp
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