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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
On a serious note,
I don't mind how difficult the GP's get. And I do believe they should be harder than they currently are. I understand that it would reduce our scores, but it would be the same for everyone and it would reduce everyone's score. And I don't buy the theory that it will put newbies off. The GP's should be a challenge for anyone who wants to shoot at a national level and their difficulty should reflect that. As things stand at the moment, the average SWEFTA league course is harder than the average GP.
U say the average SWEFTA course is harder than a gp.... So if thats the case why did swefta come last at the inter-regionals in 2011 and 2nd last in 2012, Your mega hard courses doesnt seem to work in my eyes you could be putting potential top shots off before they have gained any confidence in there own ability to then go on and shoot a gp...
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