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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
the online booking without payment makes it easier for those not on the internet to book in
The problem is Steve, that at the moment the club secs are looking at two lists... the one the BFTA site generates, and the one they make from people phoning/emailing/pigeoning the club directly. And there are numerous re-entries from Bibby Binks and his mate Babby Bonks. But to people's credit, at least it's working to that end... Sifting, adding, etc those lists adds to the overheads that adds to the time lag that takes a GP from 2/3 to over full in 48 hours, which has happened twice this year (as i believe)

I realise there's plenty of people who are in the dark as far as the net goes, but it's not beyond the reach of people to cough up a 5'er to their mates over the winter league. You could even book ahead at GP's or BFTA champs etc... take the money then.

Your right that you'd get a few no-shows, but I reckon it would be less perhaps. But then again, you might get less sign-ups... oh to be on the BFTA committee... glad i'm not... i can sit and snipe from the sidelines and run away to the EFTA easy life. Does make me take my hat of to those that continually stick their head above the bunker and organise stuff all the time, at whatever level.
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