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Originally Posted by holly View Post
The Gps seem to be getting slower . emley was nearly four hours shooting i made it . great course and great shooting . but is this to long . could we go back to the old system of 40 targets ? one of the things against it would be the feed on system and the problem of getting shooters to marshal . this might work . if we had three groups of 60 . first group on a 9 , finish at 11 .30 . paint targets , next group on at 12.00 . finnish at 2 .30 . paint targets .last group on at 3.00 . finnish at 5.30 . 180 shooters and nobody gets as tired or as wet or as hot . worth a thought . not perfect but an idea ??? HOLLY
PS not knocking emley here just using it as an example .
Are people really going to travel 540 miles just to shoot a 40 target course?may as well save your money and shoot the winter league's.
The whole idea of a gp is a test of stamina and nerve,why make it easier?can you imagine how many would be in the shoot off's at the end of it,everyone would be clearing it,it would be boring.
What ever time you would gain,would be lost in sorting out the shoot off's.
Let your shooting do the talking.
It's not the aim and release that decided the shot, it's the preparations.
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