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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
From my perspective, I don't have a problem with it being online only... i think UKAHFT only do it by post, so I don't have a problem with just one method of booking as someone will always find it awkward, and I think online has many advantages (not a crit of UKAHFT... it takes effort to fill in a form and post, so perhaps that avoids 1 problem of no-shows).
The problem with online booking without payment is at the start of the season everybody block booked shoots just in case they were going to attend & then lots just didn't turn up. For the first few GP's people were informed on the internet that shoots were fully booked so couldn't come, only to find out later that if they'd have turned up on the day there were loads of spaces due to the no shows.

We find that if they have to send a cheque & form in the post then they are more likely to turn up We still get a few shooters who don't turn up & can't be bothered to let us know, even a text on the morning of the shoot would help us with the booking in & lane allocation.
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