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Default John Thomas Memorial shoot 2012 @ Tondu

John Thomas Memorial Winner 2012 - Jack Harris

All went well today with the weather playing its part in that we had no rain!

course was not too differcult, short standers and just one long kneeler, enough for all to enjoy (i think) and even the wind was fairly light for tondu.

John Thomas Memorial Winner 2012 - Jack Harris



Jack (Standing) Harris 38 ex 40
Chris ( I cant hit standers but i always do) Keyworth. 38
Mike (lets shoot early as there is no Wind) Williams 38
Berty (I gave that wind) Bassett 34
Jason (Wish I had an Ev2) Davies 33
Peter (some bugger has put standers out) Harris 32
Jason (nice song about thomas the tank ) Harris 31
John (the bank) Lewis 31

Jack was using Doz'es ev2, so no excuses from doz!
Chris rerally is impressing with me with how to miss with an ev2, his excuses are getting better than mine
Mike, nice to see him shooting and I wont mention him missing the plate on a 22 yard stander. and missing the "long" 32y stander!
Berty should have used my super Gilly pellets, you could have stayed in the kill like mike then!
Jason is likley to sell his walther in Norway to pay for a night out?
Peter had a slight problem with the standers, hitting any of them even the 14 yarder was too much today!
Jason is far better at making up songs than shooting
John should have had a bit extra in bed?

A class

Nigel Hayman 34
Richard Slack 32
Dave Gage 32
Dan Horrocks 30
Gwyne Robinson 30
Gareth James 29
Tom gould 29
Craig Morgan 29
John Kociumbas28
Steven James 24 (nasty dad takng extra hits off poor lad )

B class

Simon (I was trying today) Ringer 37
John Johnson 29
Dave Cooper 24

C class

Tosh (The dancer) Crocker 26
Paul (I baught the same kit as simon and now find i need a Gary Cane stock) Davies 24
Steffan ( has officially dethroned J. K. as slowest Ft shooter and by some margin) James 17
Mike (I`m going to beat Dan today) White 16

Dissapointing there were only 26 at Oaktree last week and 27 at ours today, but i guess all you can do is put on a good shoot, you cant make shooters attend?

Photos later
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