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I think GP8 had more no-shows than that... however I think it's been the worst this year... Andy told me yesterday that Newbury had about 4 but they still had 4 standing squads (ie 12 people not on a lane) per session.

I know the whole subject has been discussed at BFTA level. Some of the regional reps have stated how easier the online booking has made things, but there is this problem of people on GP's that are supposedly fully booked. I expect more chat in November, so badger your rep!

What hasn't helped is that some GP's have sat on their list for a while before realising the thing is full... apparently with this one the list was lost, and when it was recompiled the problem occured. (or something along those lines).

One could debate the early booking without paying, but then it allows you to organise your respective's expectations of when your available early and also allows hotel rooms to be booked... but i suppose it also allows time for people to forget or get more important things shoved on their plate in the mean time.

I think it would be good that as you booked in, a list online was automatically generated... and a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 charged.

From my perspective, I don't have a problem with it being online only... i think UKAHFT only do it by post, so I don't have a problem with just one method of booking as someone will always find it awkward, and I think online has many advantages (not a crit of UKAHFT... it takes effort to fill in a form and post, so perhaps that avoids 1 problem of no-shows).

There is a problem of getting more numbers into GP's... I can think of many names I haven't seen so mucn of this year... yet many have been at capacity... dunno what the solution is... there's only so much time in the day... a lane with 3 takes x to shoot, a lane with 2 drops the numbers... I think sessions have taken around up to 3.5 hours so far at least, so adding more lanes is out.

More GP's perhaps?
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