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Default Dates are confirmed

Thankfully i have not booked work

Flyer FT Worlds 2013 Page 1
Bund Deutscher Sportschützen 1975 e. V.
Bundesverband für sportliches Großkaliberschießen
Field Target World Championship 2013.
The Field Target World Championship 2013 will take place in the city of Ebern in Germany
at August 29th, 30th, 31st and September 1st, 2013 where already the 2004 Worlds took place
on a different shooting area.
Ebern is located in Franken (the
Northern part of Bavaria) in a lovely
rural landscape. It is a pittoresque
small city with medieval and more
other historical flair. For accompanying
persons there are plenty of
touristic highlights nearby as, e. g.,
the city of Bamberg or various
castles. There is an excellent infrastructure
with enough hotels, guest
houses, camping sites (also in the
close neighborhood) and plenty of
local and international restaurants. It
is easy to access by car, train and
plane. For the latter the airports of
Frankfurt (2 hours rental car drive)
and Nuernberg (1 hour rental car
drive) are more than suitable. I add
some images to give a small impression
of this lovely, friendly and
interesting host city
More important is the shooting area.
The “heart” is a large former military
shooting range which is property of
the BDS president. There will be the
headquarters, range food and beverage
facilities as well as the zeroing
range(s). The three courses with 25
lanes and 2 targets each will be shot
in an about 85.000 m2 Bavarian State
Forest in a challenging circle course
of about 4 km length around the BDS
Shooting Range. Toilets, compressed
air stations, medical service and free beverages will be provided there. BDS promises a more
than challenging course landscape with many uphill and downhill shots If you want to watch
the area with Google Earth more in detail take the geographic coordinates 50°04’51.57” N,
10°44’21.62” E. I add an overview and some detail images of the German National Championship
and International Open (thanks to “Paramags” Thomas Kiesswetter) to give you a first
impression. Needless to say that BDS and the city of Ebern will provide you with FrankenFlyer
FT Worlds 2013 Page 2
typical social events. I want to point out that according to the more than restrictive German
gun legislation which will become not better in the future it lasted more than 2 years to work
out this opportunity with tremendous efforts. It was the only chance to have a FT Worlds in
Germany for many years. BDS therefore would be more than happy to welcome you in Germany
in 2013! An international announcement will appear at the end of September 2012 in
the internet after all NGBs received a corresponding message,
Volker Bluem
BDS Federal Sports Director
Field Target Shooting
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