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Most rifle & stock designs can be used for UKAHFT competition as long as they are within the following rules:

Forend depth is limited to a maximum of 150mm, this is measured from the centre of the barrel to the lowest part of the rifle forward of the pistol grip.

FT style butt hooks are not allowed, although the paddle style of butt pad is allowed.

When standing or kneeling, no part of the rifle may be in contact with the ground.

When taking a prone shot the only part of the rifle which may be touching the ground is the bottom edge of the butt pad.

Apart from a traditional scope no other optical aids are allowed. No wind indicators or scope levels can be used and must be removed or taped up before you start the course.

A standard rifle sling is allowed to be fitted to the stock/rifle but only as a means to carry the rifle between lanes, at no time can a sling to be used as a shooting aid.

Any traditional type scope and settings can be used. However, zeroing, magnification, dialling and parallax must be set prior to the first shot and left untouched until the course is completed, this includes illuminated reticules which if used must be switched on with the brightness set before the first shot is taken and remain that way without any adjustment or switching throughout the competition.

The objective aperture of the scope must be left as it was manufactured and can not be reduced in any way to increase the depth of field, flip up scope caps must always be in an open position when taking a shot & any holes in the caps taped up while shooting the course.

Anyone found carrying out any adjustments whatsoever to a scope once the course has been started will be expelled from the competition. Lasers are not permitted and should be removed from the rifle.

Beanbags may be carried to place guns on between lanes and may be used for kneeling shots as specified above

Use of any Range finding equipment is prohibited under all circumstances, any person other than course setters caught with one in their possession will be asked to leave the event.

No persons other than UKAHFT or hosting club course officials will be allowed to view any course prior to any event. Failure to comply may result in disqualification & not being allowed to attend any UKAHFT event in the future.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your equipment is allowed in a UKAHFT competition please contact a UKAHFT official who will be happy to advise.

I think it's covered in the above.

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