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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
" the shooter be penalised for being behind the line but then that's HFT ... cue flames!"

I've never been to a HFT shoot where the firing line was obstructing the shooter taking kneelers or standers

Going back to the OP the UKAHFT Rule is:

"Regardless of any circumstances such as forgetting to load a pellet, not shutting the loading bolt or if the trigger is pulled before you are locked on target, if the gun goes off the shot is considered as having been taken & will be scored accordingly. If this does happen, the competitor should make sure the pellet has left the gun by dry firing safely into the ground over the firing line with the consent of their shooting partners."

Ahh gotcha. Yeah - I was confusing FT and HFT and thought behind the line is penalised for FT. So, we are only discussing UKAHFT? The discipline wasn't mentioned at the start of the thread and this is 'Hunter / Field / Paper Target Chat" :-)

I only do FT these days after major surgery makes anything prone a bit of a nightmare, so only do local club HFT kneeling and standing.

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