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Default safety on?

Just a quick Q. If I set the safety on (e.g. a Walther with the breech slightly open, pellet loaded it can click but never fire but then needs a reset to discharge) but forget to fully close the breech before a shot e.g. standers, kneelers where there is more of a need - does the non-shot count or are we talking only about a discharge without a pellet loaded (or loaded but a big miss). Other rifles have different sorts of "safety" of course and as we all know the safety mech is never to be fully trusted. In other words - breech open, gun is safe so lost time is the real issue.

By the bye I have seen an HFT shoot where the pellet hit the firing line and stuck there - IMHO the shot should count but the shooter be penalised for being behind the line but then that's HFT ... cue flames!

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