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Default It Lives!

Finally got my grubby mitts on my new (to me) EV2 MKII. Looks fantastic, weighs a ton. Going to have to put some time in down the gym I think...

The gun was clearly very well set up for its previous owner with all the bling you could want. Now I have to figure out how to make it 'mine'. I took it out for it's first shoot hoping that the existing settings would not need to be altered too much. Unfortunately I think there is much work to be done. Shooting at 25yards, it was shooting about ten inches high and despite every attempt to wind it down I ran out of adjustment at about 3 inches high. Scope adjustment required... I removed the small amount of elevation in the rear scope mount and added a small amount to the front. This had me shooting at about 5mm high but now it had shifted to the left by about 1cm. I tried using the windage turret to adjust for this but the turret just appeared to spin and make no adjustment (and no clicks). At this point, before I resorted to brute force and ignorance I decided to call it a day and see if there was something wrong with the turret before I end up doing something wrong. Wish I had a user manual for this scope!!!

First impressions? This is a good gun. It was happily placing pellets on top of each other, albeit in the wrong place. I'm sure once I can figure out what I need to do with the windage turret that this will be a lot of fun to shoot. I still need to play around with the cheek piece, butt and hamster to get them to fit my shape (no mean feat!) but I'm really looking forward to getting to the point where it fits like a glove. Which reminds me, I must get a decent set of ball end hex keys.

So my objectives for this week - fix the scope issue to get it shooting right and start adjusting it to fit.

I was hoping to get along to the Shires100 to spectate a bit but my Lad's cricket got in the way. Well done to everyone who took part and a big round of applause to the Dowry Hill guys. I'm really looking forward to joining you once I get sorted out.

AA EV2 MKII + Biggus Nikkus
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