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Originally Posted by The Darrener View Post
I make my positions: 12, 16, 12, 8. according to the results table in the Open class only. What am I missing? I stand 62nd in the Open Table or am I not understanding the Tables properly.

Sorry for being a pain.

Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Hi Steve,

I've just double checked the scores in case we made a mistake, these are your placings without countback being applied :

Round 2 - 43rd
Round 3 - 28th
Round 5 - 65th
Round 6 - 42nd
Hi Steve,

you aren't being a pain

The position shown in the round sheets on the UKAHFT website gives the first 5 placings but then it lumps all the sames scores as a position, so at round 2 the scores were :

1st 59
2nd 59
3rd 59
4th 58
5th 58
6th 58
7th 58

There were then :

6 shooters on 57
5 shooters on 56
11 shooters on 55
13 shooters on 54

You scored a 53 so there were 42 shooters with a higher score than you which puts you in 43rd place with the other 6 shooters who scores a 53.

If your score of 53 was in line for a gathering place then a count bcak would have been done between the 6 shooters on 53 to see who gained a gathering place.
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