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They look like something out of a star wars movie, do the not? I am a firmly grounded traditionalist , blue steel and walnut is the proper gun material. Having said that, when the originator sat me on the ground and laid one in my arms (after adjusting it to my body shape), it felt like I had been shooting it my whole life. I became one with the rifle, so to speak. I have let quite a few people shoot mine and they always express some misgivings that it looks awkward, once it is cradled in their arms however, a sudden grin of understanding lights their face. The usual comment is," It feels so natural". Genius of the design I suppose. My Raider is a Fac model but I think I am going to tone it down a bit. You chaps have taught me that 12ft/lbs can work in the field. Of course, I like having the option of more power,if I desire it. My Daystate MK.3 and Titan pneumatic, are real powerhouses, and absolute works of art,---but the rifle I shoot the most is an old BSA Airsporter MK.2 in .22! After a long day in the field, I wipe it down with affection, and put it in the corner with reluctance. It is a loyal and trusted companion and has never let me down. What more can I ask of a field gun? At any rate, glad to be here. Bill
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