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Default So much for all the planning...

Quick update...

The Club Induction day went well leaving me pretty confident that I am safe amongst others whilst holding a gun. Now looking forward to meeting up with the FT'ers at the club (Dowry Hill) so I can start to watch and learn.

Sourcing a gun... well all the best laid plans went to pot. The new MPR FT morphed into a 2nd hand EV2 MkII with Ostler Reg and the Falcon T50 into a Big Nikko MkI with all the toys on it. These should arrive tomorrow (Thanks Rob...) - just in time for an evening shoot at the club.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with it all...

I'll add more as I start to make some progress.

Incidently, can anyone explain in laymans terms why FT'ers mount their scopes so high?

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