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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Unfortunately places for the Gathering are limited & the whole idea is you qualify by coming in the top 8 & attending at least 4 UKAHFT shoots, it wouldn't be very fair to exclude some regular UKAHFT shooters in preference to shooters who might not be doing or supporting the UKAHFT season.

Originally Posted by The Darrener View Post
If this is the ruling, why after finishing 8th in 1 National and having completed 4 shoots have I not qualified for the Gathering? Does "coming in the top 8" only apply at the end of all 9 shoots.

Where can I find the explanation or rules stating how the places are made for the Gathering?

Sorry to sound a bit slow but 5 years ago I thought you had to complete 6 shoots to qualify for the Gathering.
Hi Steve,

I've just double checked the scores in case we made a mistake, these are your placings without countback being applied :

Round 2 - 43rd
Round 3 - 28th
Round 5 - 65th
Round 6 - 42nd
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