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Default its been emotional

The rest of me sort of made it in one piece to Emley, but the head and "want" was not there

Big week last week, No 1 son finished Junior school. Seems like yesterday I took him to his first school lesson when he was just under 3! We used to stay for an hour a day with them, get them used to school, then it was half a day next year, then the start of full time. Have to say i have been very lucky to see so much of my sons schooling, not just taking him etc but school plays etc.
Hopwever, sometime I wonder if i am not doing enough with him now? I think the Hw40 pistol goes and we will try a lightweight S400? I really would love to have him come shooting a bit more often.

What was really on my mind though was no 1 Wife decided three weeks beforte Emley to do the race for life. Now though no 1 Wife is still in good shape after 21 years with me, she is not a Gym type and the thaught of here running 5k to raise money for cancer Charity had me worried.
I was half expecting a call to say she was ok, but in an ambulance! Turns out she is not as fit as she thaught either and although she started with the job, it soon turned (thankfully) into a fast walk.
so good news in that she survived and even better in that she has raised nearly 300 in the short time for charity.

So, Emley.

I knew i had wasted my time as soon as i arrived at 6.25am and set off to find the camera tripod lane. i did two laps of the course carrying the tripod but was clueless as to where to plonk it. I just could not think straight. I even cheered Fishface up at 7am!
Eventually i just dumped it on the standing lane as that was the easiest to retrieve it from.

Shot with Mark Brewitt and James Griffiths. Top company and enjoyed that bit of the shoot.
Indeed, on the whole I liked the course, it changed as it swept round so you had four sections really, the Chrono field, the woods, the Banks and the final woods section.
Did think it would have been nice to see the odd full size kill up a tree.
The only tree shots were a 18 m stander and a 22m x 15ml kill, which i have to say i thaught for some of the pm shooters was a lottery shot in the gusty wind.

Zero range was top notch. must get something simular at Tondu. 50m was spot on but at closer ranges there seemed to be a movement right. about a pellet width.
not sure if its trigger technique or cross over. Fiddled with windage which only set dought in my mind so went back to 0 setting on windage and decided to take my chances on it being trigger.

We started on lane 6 which meant we went through Chrono before firing at a target. I was first and after electrocuting myself on the battery pack to help Trev Ryan kick start the chrono, my shot registered at 761!! REV + d36 unsized!!
Card is marked and off we go. Cause this set another dought as the other two went through ok. so, was my gun firing low or was it Ev2 first shot thingy?

Started on a 45 m target that looked windless but nearly took me a kill. the 35 m 2nd target went left two in seemingly windless conditions. So now i am convincing myselkf gun is shooting left!

First of many poor misses on the day was T17. I made it 45 m / 50 yards, so did my shooting partners and later in the day Berty confirmed. Bertys scope is super accurate at range finding, even better than mine, just. Fisher had tried to convince me it was 53/54 yards but i was not buying that.Gave inside 3 to watch pellet bounce off 6 into paddle but no fall. Bugger. Is gun under power?
Put a bit of a run in, hit some long ones and felt ok ish but the niggles were building. a few lanes in I turned to my partners and said it would be wone with a 49 /48 as there was no real wind to speak of.
Just that horrable niggly wind that is there and is then not. Really its poke and hope wind to me so it was inside edge for most shots and it on the whole worked. I think it showed in some high scores for some shooters, i suspect it was inside kill all the way!

2nd miss (T26 long ish one) i gave inside 3 but it cleared and struck 8 edge. Thing is i had given it full 50m clicks so again i was talking myself into a low / under powered gun.

Missed T 28 on the banks. Gave it 45m and came out out an inch. Only reason for doing so was the building worry as it had gone 10am and i knew no1 Wife was risking life and limb lol
Stupid shot. No reason to come out and i think ranged on the plate not thinking, to over range?
Brewiitt mae it 48 and went high while Griffiths gave it 45 and took it. My miss was so far out of kill it was on its own, very poor.

45 y stander next. i thaught i had banged my elbow as there was a spot that if touched, made the lower half of my arm go weak.
apparently it may be teniis elbow, though i dont play tennis.
As such, with head not in it i just dialed 40m m and shot. hit 12 high so perhaps i should have reange found it as it may have been 35 - 38m? Could not be bothered though

so 4 down on what i considered to be an easy gp course and with fisher just a couple of lanes behind me and only 2 down the want to be there faded fast.

T34 was an easy 30 m reducer on the banks, rock steady in the kill. El capitano 20 yards away taking pics. Moved out of kill. Dont fire now i thinks as you will miss and James will get one of those pics i usually get of him.
Not sure at what point the message got scrambled but finger heard fire and did, while cross hair, still rock steady was an inch out of kill! That annoyed me and i could not help pulling a face, bugger.

Could not giver a toss by now but the funny thing was I hit all the long shots up the bank, anything 45+ m was just 3 edge or at worst half inch out on 1 i can think of and they all went down, not very hard shots really.

T37 was the lane that turned 90 degree from the banks back towards the course end. 45m target, no clue as to what to do as it was quite a tunnel effect to the lane so you could not really see much moving. Went down the middle but a snatch shot saw pellet strike 3 edge.

6 down and standers to come, so decided i was dropping this one lol.

Last miss was the other long ish stander, again was not too worried about rangefinding so did it by eye. Was spot on but again, with a bit of weakness in the arm and it seems from the photos the wrong hand position (did not Berty it) missed.
Hit the one up the tree but that was another gimmie stander to me same as the 12 m ish one in the othe lane. Not a fan of these long + short stander lanes.

Had a text just afte that to say all was well but no 1 Wifes feet were hurting. Like my shooting i thaught.

Still, total weight off shoulders and relaxed to clear the last 10 including some tricky windy shots in the chrono field and the 15 ml miles up a tree.

Felt sorry for Brewitt as he was only 4 down going back to lane 1. The none existant wind took him across kill for both T 1 & T2. Me and Griffiths aimed in the same place in what seemed the same conditions and we hit them!

So, lesson learnt. Turns out i had been to emly before, about 4 yearsd ago they had a Gp here. I remembered the fort in the middle of the course.
What i should have done was a "Woddy" as really all i did was waste 100+. Actually what i should have done was made No 1 wife do her charity thng on another day!

Buaght a "ball" trigger for REV of nice Mr.Taylor so going to check that ut today and chromo check. Have to say with it roughly fitted it feels nice.
As if I was not already having a crap day, I snapped another buttler creek rear scope cover sunday. Thing is i keep my dialings in it but as this is about the 4th one now in ayear i am going to try going back to scope enhancer today.
its been on my mind that most of the top AA shooters use enhancers so i am going to re-do the side wheel in clicks as apposed to ranges so i dont need a speperate chart. The new glasses have made it hard to read the small figures (not gilly0 on the chart the last few weeks anyway!

With out dought Gp7 was my worst shoot this year. I think it was only the relative ease of the targets due to a lack of wind that saw my **** poor shooting manage a 43!

Somehow I am still 4th in series but I know i need to good scores to finish on to get that top 10 place.
Well at least one 95+ points in either Gp 8 or 9?

finally, well done to Fishface on shooting properly.
2 -3 to me, or what ever system you want to use to win lol

Pity your not doing gp8 east devon. Who do we need to see to put us together at gp9???
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