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Sunday shooting had a slight breeze enough to push pellets out by a kill but not in a steady direction.

So with a wind indicator above a 50yd board I had checked the rifle and windage out again. shooting whenever the windicator was still I put a 3 shot clover leaf group down range. However should of left it alone or shot at another target because the next 2 pushed the group size out by 1/2" each side. Reason me getting to cocky

Anyway happy with the paper group not so happy with the 20 sots around the course, well after some pruning of the lanes (work party next Saturday to clear the 5 tress that have fallen or been broken down). Breeze moving the pellets up, down, left and right Its been a while since it has come from the southern direction and think that its was swirling around.

Not only me but other as well having the same head scratching moments. All within a yard or two of each other as we compared afterwards. Put a indicator up at the some of the targets and it was twisting every way round constantly with very short times going in the same direction.

2 more weekends of practice now before GP8.
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