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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Quick check session today as the gun has not seen light of day since last Gp nearly two weeks ago.
Cleaned barrel and 20 /30 shots later all was well again least witht REV.

Did a bit of grouping and as i shall be using the spare seat this weekend, checked my kneeling.
Think its the kneeling Fish this wekend with this bag.
Not alot of shooting today really as a funny pain developed in my left elbow. Pin point pain but quite weakening.
Think Fisher has been to Voodo school?

No 1 Son finished junior scholl today. sad day, can remember taking him on his first day 8 years ago, how time flies! Hopefully over the summer i can get him interested with an S200 or so??
Its voo doo magic man, to be honest ive been sticking the needle into the trigger finger on the simon evans doll, so if your getting a pain in your elbow, i must need more practice at it, but its working pumped u today me 47 and u 43, its not over till the fat bloke breaks down at far coley and crys..... bring it on sheep lover, and send my regards to baaaabraaa.....
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