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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Rules are rules it is safe to say . but when are rules not rules ? when they are not written down and forgotten . when barry longbottom was BFTA comp sec . he had em all in his head and should you step out of line , he would shortly let you know about it . but with his going a lot of the rules have gone with him . here are some i do not see anymore . you must not fire your rifle into the ground at a distance shorter than 8 yards in the case of a stoppage or a problem with the pellet ( in case it hits an obstruction and bounces back ) . you must not fire your rifle anywhere near the target in the event of a problem with the pellet / rifle . in case you gain knowledge of the wind at the target IE dust . you are not allowed to string the targets in case you gain knowledge of the wind at the target ( this was got around by saying you were checking the targets worked , but you could only do that once and quickly ) . if you shot at a target where the kill was askew . IE there was a gap in the kill area and missed , tough muck you should have called a marshal . if you called a target and the string was caught up on an obstruction , tough muck you should have checked the string before shooting . at the showdown . you could with your partners approval decide to shoot whichever target you declared you were aiming at . bit like pool . you were not allowed to stand on the bean bag on standers to level the ground out . i am sure there were a lot more i do not remember ??? HOLLY
I use the strings to gauge the wind, I hate it when there pegged down u cant live in the past old man, get with the times.....and buy an ev2..
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